• How to get tax breaks for your medical practice

    Federal, state and local governments offer doctors incentives because practices are recognized as economic engines. But physicians must know how and where to find them.   Constructing a new medical facility or hiring new employees might seem like a daunting and expensive undertaking for many physicians. But those tasks could become a little more feasible […]

  • Investing In 3D-Printer INK Manufacturers

    By Jason Stutman Last week, I drew a detailed comparison between the evolution of timepieces and personal computers. I asserted that by looking at the historical progression of clocks and watches, we could accurately predict future trends in consumer technology… On the surface, it might sound a little out there. But the truth is you […]

  • 40 Percent Of Doctor Practices Unsure About Obamacare Exchanges

    Less than a week after consumers began signing up for healthcare coverage on exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, the uncertainty of this key segment of physicians comes as health insurance companies attempt to offer a menu of choices for individual consumers during the six-month open enrollment period that runs through March 2014. To obtain benefits effective Jan. 1, 2014, individuals must select a plan by Dec. 15.

  • Funding a Medical Practice

    Get The Money Your Medical Practice Needs With a Medical Professional Loan The expenses to run a medical practice are high. It is important to keep equipment and supplies up to date, this can become costly. Many medical practices will meet these expenses off the capital they have on hand and deplete all that they […]

  • The Basics: Deveoplmental Business Model for Auto Body

    You have a skill and a dream, something you and your peers have always been good at. Perhaps now is the time to execute, however there are some simple basics to consider before you make the leap. Provided is a basic outline to assist you in a developing a business model regarding shops center around […]

  • The Basics: Starting Mobile Oil Changing Business

    Everybody needs oil changing servicing. Every 3 or 4 months a car typically needs oil replacement or a tune up. With a hectic office schedule, dropping off and picking up kids to and from school, and doing groceries in between, one can really be lost in thick of things. Situations like these create a lot […]

  • 9 Business Myths: Reality Check

    Blogged By: Dave Everhart “Myths” and “urban legends” persist in the public’s perception despite their obvious misinformation. This is true in the small business arena as well as in other facets of life. These myths have a negative impact on small business success because legends can reinforce or encourage bad decisions by aspiring entrepreneurs and […]

  • Textile Industry Funding

    Advance American Funding’s financing options help Textile businesses continue to grow by providing working capital to fulfill large purchase orders. With Durham’s financing, textile companies can use the available working capital to enhance and grow their business without having to wait for slow purchase order payments and invoices to come in. Textile Ventures We Can […]

  • 10 Cutting Edge Medical Devices Recognized For Excellence In Design

    The 2009 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) were announced this week by the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry. There were 32 award winners and every one of the winners contributed a medical device that advances their industry and  provides cutting edge technology to improve patient care. Space and time don’t allow me to introduce all […]

  • How to Know When It’s Time to Grow Your Business

    How to Know When It’s Time to Grow Your Business Growth is something that most business owners look forward to because it offers them a number of benefits. Primary among these is the ability to enhance the company’s ability make money. While there is quite a bit to be said about grasp, the ability to […]

  • Chefs Agree, “Having Your Own Vegetable Garden Is The Hottest New Restaurant Trend Of The Year”

    Grow some of your own vegetables and you’ll get free publicity, have a unique restaurant and bring customers in like never before. Recently a third of the 2,000 chefs surveyed by the National Restaurant Association named having a garden as the top restaurant trend. As an added bonus, this marketing technique actually saves you money […]

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance is a funding product providing working capital to business owners. Merchants agree to a specific amount of their business’ future credit and debit card receivables in exchange for cash they can use for whatever their businesses need. Once approved, a lump sum of cash is deposited into the merchant’s business checking account. The collection process is automatically handled by the business’ credit card processor. As each day’s credit and debit card transactions are settled, a specific percentage is forwarded and applied to the remaining Merchant Cash Advance balance. Because a set percentage of credit and debit card receipts are forwarded, your card-sales volume determines the amount of each payment. No inflexible monthly payment amounts, and no possibility of missed or late payments and their associated penalties. Our Merchant Cash Advance is a proven, trusted way for you to get quick money for your business needs. You decide how to spend the money, whether it is for renovation, marketing/advertising, taxes or payroll, handling the costs of emergencies, or growth strategies. There is low documentation, and no personal collateral is required. There are no application fees and no hidden charges. Because it aligns so well with the way they operate, 3 out of 4 qualified customers will return for multiple advances to help stabilize and grow their businesses.

Working Capital For Your Business

If your business accepts credit cards, getting cash for your business can be fast and simple. You could receive up to $250,000 per location in less than five business days—and renewals in as little as 72 hours. Advance American Funding eliminates many hassles and delays common with traditional financing. It builds on the strength of your business’s existing and future credit and debit card sales, so a damaged personal credit history is not an immediate disqualifier. Find a flexible, responsive alternative to traditional financing. Our Merchant Cash Advance gives you options.