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Among the very important needs for the development of any society or community; there is no doubt that business plays a vital role. Through the art of business; many social requirements and needs are met to ensure that all living creatures with in the society maintains their state of wellness as well as develop into […]

Copyright (c) 2014 Ted Hurlbut In my last post, I introduced 6 tips to help you manage your retail business expenses. Here are 6 more tips to help you manage specific expense categories: 1. Purchases (versus Cost of Goods Sold): Purchases is the value of inventory coming into the store, at cost. Cost of Goods […]

The economy thrives on credit. So does your business. But what happens when your accounts have more than a month to pay off their balances and you become short on cash? Two age-old business transaction called factoring and accounts receivable financing have been the go-to sources for a quick infusion of cash for those situations […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Grow Your Business Growth is something that most business owners look forward to because it offers them a number of benefits. Primary among these is the ability to enhance the company’s ability make money. While there is quite a bit to be said about grasp, the ability to […]

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