December 22, 2013


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Everybody needs oil changing servicing. Every 3 or 4 months a car typically needs oil replacement or a tune up. With a hectic office schedule, dropping off and picking up kids to and from school, and doing groceries in between, one can really be lost in thick of things.
Situations like these create a lot of inconvenience and unnecessary stress. A lot of stress can be easily taken cared of and solved by hiring mobile oil changing service provider who can work on your vehicle without disrupting your day to day schedule. This mobile oil change business guide will show you how you can open up your own venture.
Here are steps to start your own profitable mobile oil change business.
Register a business name
Professionalize your business by registering a business name. Search the web if your chosen name is in used. If not, register it at once. Go to your city clerk office and register your business. Then open a bank account in your business name.
Get mobile oil changing business license
All businesses have legal processes for it to be allowed to operate. Visit your nearby city hall to inquire about the license, permits, and other necessary documents. Fill out the necessary paper work and file these important documents away.
Financing your business
Starting your own mobile oil changing business really doesn’t require too much capitalization. You could certainly apply for a loan if you want to. However if you have a low charging credit card, you could use it and make good debts instead of bad debts with it.
Gather your equipment
Doing oil changes require certain equipments. If you are to be professional at what you do, make sure you have the following tools: oil filter, type of oil and how much in quarts, an oil pan, an adjustable wrench, newspaper, old rags or paper towels, funnel, and a portable ramp if you have one.
Know the basics of oil changing
Nothing substitutes than actually doing one oil change by yourself. Once you have done 2 or 3 of them then the rest will be a snap. Here are a few tips how to change oil.
If you have a ramp, align your car carefully on top of it.
Place the oil pan directly under the oil hole under your car. Place old newspaper under the oil pan. Newspaper absorbs oil spills.
Loosen the bolt holding the oil in.
Allow the oil to drain completely before unscrewing the old oil filter using the adjustable wrench.
Before placing in the new oil filter, put some old oil into the rim of the new one.
Bolt the screw back in place and pour the engine oil.
Advertise your business
Invest on a few brochures, flyers, business cards and stickers. Give them out to people you meet and of course in your neighborhood. Talk with a few figures of influence in your community to help you with your business campaign and endorse your services. Talk to a few shops as well if you can place ads in their shops. Give out printed t-shirts that advertise your business name. Get loud and crazy so people will notice you.

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